Every Rash has a Silver Lining

Ben proves that every rash does indeed have a silver lining

Six weeks have passed since my last post and I can honestly say I have never experienced time pass at such a fast pace.

First on the cards was my Birthday and this year it was the big 2 - 3. I celebrated this milestone as I usually do, surrounded by my sister and friends, eating plenty and drinking to excess. Whilst I don’t remember everything about the weekend in question, I do remember being at a restaurant that openly supported the dealing of cocaine and am reliably informed I played football with chavs and threw sausage rolls at bouncers.

Hannah, Christine, Kate and some guy off BBC Radio 1
On a more pleasant note, it appeared that weeks of rambling to people about my upcoming adventure had paid off as I received for my birthday four travel books and a Piggy Bank to help me save the pennies (Christopher Columpig as he has been affectionately named). A big shoutout to James and Alex, Wayne, Christine, Kate and my Gran for these gifts!

Then, almost as soon as I had said goodbye to my sister, it had begun... from nowhere a rash developed upon my chest which within 24 hours had spread across my arms, down my legs and I was starting to worry I had developed an allergic reaction to the alcohol. So off to the GP I went where thankfully I was told this was not the case!

But whilst they were confident in telling me what it wasn’t, the same could not be said for telling me what it was. I had 40 minutes of questioning, prodding and checking before being sent home and told if I started to feel unwell to get to hospital and instructed to take the rest of the week off in case it is infectious and I end up infecting somebody’s unborn child!

So I sat at home with bated breath waiting to see if my skin was going to boil, peel, blister, or, as it turned out, clear up as quickly as it came. But whilst waiting for this to happen I had three days off work in which I began reading through the books I received for my birthday and I worked to better refine my ‘approach’ I am to use in getting me on that plane and away on my little adventure. It just goes to show it seems, that every rash has a silver lining.
I'm ready to turn these plans into actions
By the end of that week I was brimming with excitement and was ready to start turning these plans into actions. And first on that list was to find myself a second job. That’s right, as if I didn’t feel tired enough already, I have taken up a part-time 15-20hrs a week in one of Birmingham’s busiest bars. I started a little over three weeks ago and whilst the work brings back horrible memories of a former establishment in which I use to work, it is refreshing to be working with people who are around my age. I have started in a role that is more general support on busy nights but am hoping to be trained up on working behind the bar shortly which is experience I am keen to gain before travelling as it will massively improve the chances of me being able to find work.

Closer to home I was emailed this week by my letting agency informing me that my tenancy agreement was soon to expire and enquiring as to whether I wanted to extend the agreement. So I have extended my tenancy to take me up to my current planned departure date - 3rd February 2012.

There is no doubt these next few months will be long, difficult, and horrendously tiring. But it will sure as Hell be worth it!
All Bar One, Birmingham, England
So the last few weeks have really flown by and with this additional job, that is unlikely to change any time soon. For the foreseeable future each week will see 60 hours working, 10 lonely hours on the bus and a further 6-8 hours in the gym.

And whilst I may be missing out in the short term in going out at the weekends or being able to chill out during the evenings - I have a goal. That goal is to in 43 weeks time have enough money to sever all ties with life as I know it and start what will be the most epic of adventures.

So whilst there is no doubt these next few months may be long, difficult, and horrendously tiring, it is sure as hell going to be worth it.
The plan is to vacate Birmingham on 3rd February 2012 and have departed England no later than one month thereafter