My name is Ben and this is my online and unedited travel journal, the ginger revolution. 

The Ginger Revolution is the little piece of the Internet I use to document and share my experiences whilst travelling about the World.

With all of the detail you'd expect to find in a handwritten journal, my online equivalent sets out to capture the true essence of what this adventure is about so that I can one day look back and fondly reminisce. In this sense it is I suppose less a journal, more a souvenir.

So why do it online? Well, there's three reasons...

Firstly - and perhaps most obviously - it allows me to easily keep people up to date with where I am and what I'm doing without having to spend countless hours writing postcards, sending emails or sitting in Skype calls;

Secondly, by allowing others to read my journal and follow my story, I find myself being much more aware (read: critical) of what I'm writing. This awareness encourages me to think much more carefully about what I write about, the outcome of which is a journal that is more articulate, easier to read and above all, more interesting;

Lastly, its much more difficult to lose an online diary.

But just because my journal is online and public does not mean it is any less personal. Alongside the basics of what I'm doing and where I'm going, my hope is that my journal will meaningfully capture the rollercoaster of emotions which come with a life spent on the road.

  • I make no promise to publish entries regularly. There are times I am too busy, too tired, or too lacking in electricity and WiFi. There are also times when I just can't be arsed. The best way of getting around my erratic posting is by subscribing to receive my journal entries direct to your inbox;
  • I do not air my laundry in public. I assume everybody I might mention will read what I write and I'm not here to make other people feel uncomfortable;
  • This is a travel journal, not a travel blog. I'm not here to write reviews, provide recommendations or publish another "10 best things to do in ". I'm not writing to gain followers, I'm not looking for sponsors or advertisers and in no way am I trying to monetise what I've got here;
  • I make no apologies for my language. Sometimes immaculate. Sometimes foul. Sometimes grammatically incomprehensible. My only promise is I'll avoid the "C" word. Everything else is fair game;
  • I will not write about anything sexual. If that's what you're after, check out XTube