My Route

My Route - Summary

There are endless routes you can choose to travel around the World, but after months of planning this is how I currently plan on achieving it:
  • Stage 1: After flying from London to Toronto, travel East to West across Canada and then down the West coast of the United States (Stage Complete - See Trip 1)
  • Stage 2: Travel overland down through Mexico and Central America
  • Stage 3: From Colombia in the North, travel overland down through South America before exiting the Americas from what I suspect will be Brazil 
  • Stage 4: New Zealand and Australia. This is where I will most likely try to find paid work under one of the country's working holiday schemes
  • Stage 5: With renewed funds, take the backpacking route around SE Asia
  • Stage 6: Europe. Maybe on my bicycle.
To make the most of any opportunities which may present themselves, plans need to be flexible, and for this reason any more detailed sort of plan to the one I have outlined here is only ever reserved for the most immediate stage, which in this case is...

My Route for Mexico and Central America

To flesh out my skeleton plan, I plot all of the places I'd like to visit on a map and hope - as if by magic - a sensible route appears. Lo and behold:

Refresh the page if the map doesn't load properly

Once in place, I divide my route into a series of individual legs, at which point I can begin shaping some form of planned itinerary. That said, with every passing night, the level of certainty I have about what I'll be doing pretty much halves so I never look to have any real workable plans beyond that of the current leg.
  • Leg 1: Cancun, Mexico to Melchor Ocampo, Mexico. (COMPLETE)
  • Leg 2: Mexico City, Mexico to Antigua, Guatemala. The second leg will feel very different to that of the first. Not only will I be travelling alone, I'll also be going to places I've not yet been before. It will be new and exciting and I cannot wait. So the plan is quite straight forward... I'm basically heading on a circular route out to the Pacific Coast before returning to Mexico City one final time. From here, I'll then head south via Oaxaca before crossing the border into Guatemala and ending up in Antigua.
  • Leg 3: Antigua, Guatemala. The plan is to spend anywhere from 1 - 8 weeks living with a host family in Antigua whilst attending a school to improve my Spanish
  • Leg 4: Guatemala 
  • Leg 5: El Salvador
  • Leg 6: Honduras
  • Leg 7: Nicaragua
  • Leg 9: Costa Rica. If plans work out, I'll arrive here in December (2017) and be joined by my sister in time for Christmas and the New Year
  • Leg 9: Panama
Throughout this stage, I have no plans to try and find any paid work. That said, I am actively looking to find placements on WorkAway where I can hopefully exchange a pair of helping hands for room and board.

In terms of duration, I really don't know. If I had to put money on it... well, I'd be surprised if it ended up being less 4 months or more than 9. I'd have to go then with 6 months. If you wanted a date, I'd say Wednesday 6th January 2018. So that's 189 days.