The Seven Stages of the Ginger Revolution

Ben explains what he is doing to make planning his round the World adventure a little less daunting

With my initial route now mapped out, the challenge that this adventure presents has become frighteningly clear... 25 countries spanning 5 of the World's continents all to be taken on during my very first ever trip abroad...

Taking me through more than 25 countries spanning 5 continents this is going to be one hell of a maiden voyage
So to help me better comprehend this epic journey I have decided to break it down into seven smaller "bite size" trips, theoretically making things feel just a little less daunting!

As such I have spent the past few weeks setting out my preferred route for each of the seven stages identifying the places along the way I'd like to visit and the options that are open to me with regard to work and volunteering. These seven stages are:
  1. Canada and the United States;
  2. Mexico and Central America;
  3. South America;
  4. New Zealand and Australia;
  5. South East Asia;
  6. India to Europe, via the Gulf states; and finally
  7. Europe.
And there we have it - the backbone of the Ginger Revolution.

For six of these stages this is all the planning I intend to do before leaving the UK in March 2012 with my attention now focused solely on the first few legs of Stage One. So over the coming few weeks I intend to flesh out a little of this detail so that I know where I'll be going when I step off the plane in what at this point I presume to be Toronto. Only then will I go ahead and purchase my flight.

You can check out all the detail of the Seven Stages in full here.