Ben has a nasty accident in the toilet

For anyone who has seen me in the last twelve months you will have probably witnessed the destructive powers a drunk man can have on his own mobile phone...

For it was last January that a drunken slip led to the screen of my iphone 3GS cracking into a million pieces, yet somehow retaining its touch-interface.Then after nine long months of cutting both my finger and face every time the phone rang I gave in and spent £40 on replacing the screen.

Ironically, it was just a few short weeks before another clumsy move (sober this time) led to the screen once again cracking in to pieces, this time taking with it the touch interface, thus rendering it broke.

I couldn't be bothered to get worked up. What's done is done and with that said I had the latest iphone (4S) in my hands within less than 20 minutes of breaking my 3GS.

How did I excuse this you may ask? Well whilst some say its just a phone, I disagree. This device is my computer, my email, its my paper, my contacts, my phone and with 8megapixels its now also my camera too.

And given that I want to travel light, why take so much when you can take so little?