Balls Falls

Ben thanks CouchSurfing host Dan for his hospitality whilst in Ajax

After the trip to Niagra, Balls Falls was always going to be relatively insignificant but nonetheless it still felt good to hike up the river and enjoy the peace and quiet.

From there we drove back to Dan's taking the Highway that cuts right through the centre of Downtown Toronto, by which time, day had been replaced by night and with the city lit up brightly the skyline was breathtaking as no city I have been to before is so densely packed with skyscrapers - it felt, dare I say it, almost magical...

I really owe a massive thanks to Dan who for the 24hrs I stayed with was simply an amazing host. Taking me all the way down to Niagra Falls and Balls Falls, the gym, the store and several meals out too, I can not thank this guy enough for making this first week in Canada that much more special!

Toronto at Night