Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Ben returns home to Devon only to see things from an entirely new perspective

Having never been more than 3ft from the ground the thought of taking my first flight in a microlight was certainly a risky one and with every chance it could put me off from ever flying again I felt I had to turn  James down when he offered me the chance to take a trip in his microlight for my birthday. 

But two days later back home in Devon on an unseasonably warm and sunny afternoon I somehow find myself in a flight suit being buckled into a micro light...

...With granite tors lining the horizon we sped across a Dartmoor field and as if by magic the ground just fell away from beneath us and with it my nerves were replaced with exhilaration and adrenaline.

There was every chance that taking my first flight in a micro light could have put me off flying for life and with my first commercial flight due to take place in just a couple of weeks there was a large part of me that thought this was a really bad idea.

But I have to say it was utterly incredible. We climbed to 3,500ft and preceded to take a course that took us directly above the town where I grew up and many of the surrounding villages and hamlets.
With just a few small cumulus clouds below us it was like we were living inside Google Earth
I never before could comprehend how my friend James who also owns a microlight could justify having such an expensive hobby but having now experienced it for myself I can completely get it!

This really was one of the most exciting and enjoyable things I have ever had the pleasure in doing and I owe a massive thanks to Jasmin and David Ramsden for the opportunity... this is one experience I am unlikely to forget.

Flying above Pear Tree and Ashburton in South Devon

Glendinning Quarry in Ashburton

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