Quatre jours à Montreal

In what felt like a truly unique experience, Ben recounts his four days in Montreal

Everybody I have come to meet since arriving in Canada has had no qualms in saying that Montreal is a party-city and having made plans to CouchSurf throughout my four night stay I felt confident en route to Montreal that I was going to be in for a 'heavy' few days. 

Sat in pole position on Montreal`s F1 Course

Surprisingly though it has turned out to be quite the opposite, for the first time in my CouchSurfing experience my hosts have been unable to hang out with me during the daytime hours and whilst they have been incredibly welcoming I have to say I was at first just a little disappointed. 

But sat here this evening on my final night in Montreal I am anything but disappointed. Not having a host by my side has freed me up to explore the city at my own will and pace and having covered over 50km by foot during my four days I feel like I have done a pretty good job.

Overlooking downtown Montreal from Parc de Mont-Royal
And what is so nice about Montreal is that just walking in itself has been a real pleasure - for all I have done since arriving is casually stroll the streets, take naps in the shade across various parks and take it so easy I have felt like I am on holiday. And accentuating this feeling has been the weather which since arriving has been like nothing I have ever experienced before... completely clear blue skies for four full days and afternoon highs reaching the mid 30s and overnight lows not dropping much below 27C - it has been just incredible. 
For the first time during my travels I have felt as if I were on holiday
Enjoying the streets of Old Montreal
So by day I have been exploring the city and by night I have been enjoying the company of my four hosts who all in their early 20s have been ever so welcoming and friendly I have felt like I am staying in my own  home. 

But my short stay in Montreal has already come to an end and come the morning I will be heading off to the final stop on my first leg - Quebec City. In the meantime, do make sure you check out my new photo album of Montreal where you will be able to see for yourself some of the sights I managed to visit whilst in this magnificent and beautiful city. 

The Old Port in Montreal