The Hitchhiker's Guide to Canada Day 15: "Shopping for a new place to live"

Ben Collins hitchhikes his way deeper in to the Canadian Rockies, bypassing Banff and heading straight for Lake Louise

- - - Thumb's Up in Canmore at 10:20 - - -

Having spent some time last night speaking with Mike and his girlfriend about where in the Rocky's they would recommend heading on to, I decided today to make my way across to Banff and possibly, if nothing takes my fancy, further on to Lake Louise...

Ride 025: Kim and Justin. 26km from Canmore to Banff 
At just 26km, my time spent with Kim and Justin was short lived. Justin too was in fact hitchhiking and had been picked up an hour or so ago back in Calgary. When I asked him where he was headed, Justin replied, and I quote, "I'm off to B.C [British Columbia] to shop for a new place to live."

Whilst I would probably cross the street to avoid Justin if I saw him walking down the street, I did very much admire his "get up and go" attitude.

026: Steve. 55km from Banff to Lake Louise
Having walked through Banff I couldn't help but feel robbed for it seemed to me to be nothing more than a bigger version of Canmore - just with disproportionately more tourists.

As such, I opted to move on almost as quickly as I had arrived and helping me get to Lake Louise was Steve, an oil field worker heading back to his girlfriend's place down in the Okanagen Valley in British Columbia.

Upon reaching Lake Louise we proceeded to head to the nearest bar for a couple of pints where in addition to footing the bill, Steve kindly left me with a couple of his favourite CDs, insisting I would enjoy them whilst on the road.

- - - Pack Down in  Lake Louise at 13:30 - - -

Today at a Glance
Awoke in: Canmore, Alberta
Sleeping in: Lake Louise, Alberta

Time travelling: 03hrs 10mins
Distance traveled today: 81km
Rides today: 2

Planned arrival time: N/A
Actual arrival time: N/A

Highlight:  Meeting Steve 
Lowlight: Banff

Total time travelling: 54hrs 39mins
Total distance covered: 3,582km