Sharing his road trip through the Rocky Mountains, Ben Collins learns a valuable lesson that travelling alone might not always be the preferred option

With our road trip now at an end, Kilian and I were I think relieved to be back in Banff for waiting for us at the hostel was the promise of a warm shower, hot food and copious amounts of beer. Most looked forward to though was the promise of a bed as the past two nights we had both been eaten alive by hundreds, if not thousands of mosquitoes whilst sleeping in the car...

...Refreshed and well, that evening gave us both an ideal opportunity to reflect on the days just gone.

 Keep up the good work Austria
You guys make good humans
I was when we started out a little worried that going on this trip with Kilian would be a mistake. After spending all my time travelling alone, I was unsure whether I would have the patience to spend three solid days in one person's company. But I knew it was not just me that feared this - perhaps the first thing Kilian said when we departed on our journey was that "our goal should simply be not to hate each other come Sunday" and whilst I shared his concerns I did feel that by vocalising them we perhaps got off to a rocky start.

This though really was as rocky as it got and travelling with Kilian turned out to be a one of the best decisions of my trip so far and thoroughly enjoyed sharing this great experience with someone who is as equally smart as they are entertaining.

Drinking that evening I thought back just a few days ago to when I left Calgary and where with no plans I stood on the side of the highway wondering what on earth would come of it all. I suggested at the time that less planning meant more opportunity and as my time here with Kilian here draws to a close I am left feeling that this claim could not have been better validated. This trip therefore will not only leave a lasting memory but also a legacy to which I am confident the rest of this journey will now be shaped.