Barry Will Love You

Ben briefly looks back at one of the least interesting days hitchhiking across Canada

- - - Thumb's Up in Regina at 12:19 - - -

Ride 020: Joel. 72km from Regina to Moose Jaw 
A young friendly farmer with whom I had a long discussion about HelpX and WorkAway and how it might be worthwhile him checking out in order to find some help around his farm.

Ride 021: Ron and Elaine. 392km from Moose Jaw to Medicine Hat 
A Christian couple in their mid-50s who after taking me to meet their English friend Barry told me in gritty detail Ron's full life story. This included everything from being in the gutter and attempting to commit suicide right the way through to finding Jesus and becoming a multi-million dollar businessman selling organic grain. They were though a very nice couple, even giving me $20 to head on my way with.

- - - Pack Down in  Medicine Hat at 19:09 - - -

My hosts that evening were very forgettable - so much so that I don't even remember their names. All I can remember and be bothered to make note of was that their home was filthy. Not messy - just filthy. The rest I am happy to forget.

Today at a Glance
Awoke in: Regina, Saskatchewan
Sleeping in: Medicine Hat, Alberta 

Time travelling: 06hrs 50mins 
Distance traveled today: 464km
Rides today: 2 

Planned arrival time: 18:00 - 20:00
Actual arrival time: 19:09 

Highlight: The sky above Saskatchewan late in the afternoon
Lowlight: Ron's lack of attention whilst driving

Total time travelling: 46hrs 49mins  
Total distance covered: 3,101km