The Hitchhiker's Guide to Canada Day 28/28: To The Island

As Ben reaches the end of his adventure hitching across Canada, he looks back on an incredible four weeks

Four weeks ago this morning I was heading out of Quebec after a long weekend spent celebrating the national holiday of Saint Jean-Baptiste. On the ride down to Ottawa I felt intimidated by what lay ahead and crossing the Ottawa River I vividly remember feeling overwhelmed with what seemed like an almost ludicrous challenge ahead...

...28 days later and I have just been waved off by Wendy, the 29th and final driver to help me cross this great country.

Dropping me off just a few hundred meters short of my next host I found myself thinking back on what has been an incredible journey.

I left Ottawa, Ontario on the 26th of June 2012 and four weeks later I have travelled across three time zones and five provinces to arrive in in Victoria, British Columbia. In total I have travelled 5,739km (3,566 miles), 4,989km (3,100 mile) of which I travelled using my thumb alone.

All in all, I spent 89hrs and 1minute on the road hitchhiking and having only once had to wait longer than 45 minutes for a ride I have managed to maintain an average speed of 56km/hr (34mph).

But drivers alone could not have helped me achieve all this and I owe a great deal to the 10 couchsurfing hosts who together put me up in their homes for 16 nights.

Looking back I can now say I travelled around the lakes, through the plains and over the Rocky Mountains and feel at this journey's end that choosing to hitchhike across this country was the best decision I have ever made.

Back in Victoria and I am walking up the front path to what now marks the start of the next leg of my journey. But as one leg ends another is only just beginning and as my host reveals himself from within the garage he offers out his hand and welcomes me in to his home.

- - - Pack Down in  Langford, Victoria at 15:05 - - -

Today at a Glance
Awoke in: Vancouver, British Columbia
Sleeping in: Victoria, British Columbia

Time travelling: 05hrs 50mins
Distance traveled today: 195km
Rides today: 1

Planned arrival time: 14:00 - 16:00
Actual arrival time: 15:05

Highlight:  Arriving  in Langford
Lowlight: Heavy sweating after walking 8km through Nanaimo

Total distance covered: 5,739km

Total time travelling: 89hrs 01min