Dear America...

Ahead of his arrival in to the USA, Ben writes a heart felt letter to America making clear he comes with an open mind

Downtown Vancouver
British Columbia

24th September 2012
RE: Fair Game

Dear America

My name is Ben Collins, I am 24 years old and tomorrow morning I will be continuing my travels by entering in to your country.

Ahead of my arrival I wanted it to be known that you have a pretty poor reputation on the World stage. Since a young age I have been told by family, friends and the media that you have a lot to be desired and many people I speak to look confused when I tell them I have plans to come visit you.

Almost universally, I have been led to believe that you consist of three hundred million overweight, overzealous and under-performing lard arses that somehow still foolishly believe themselves to be best country in the World.

Worst of all, the media I have been exposed to paints your people as having an abrasive and grating personality that at times can be painful to be a part of and the fact you allow your citizens to bare arms is a concept that I find both bewildering and terrifying.

However - and this is a big however - this is just what I have been led to believe and the purpose of me writing to you on the eve of my arrival is to say that despite all this, I come to your country with an open mind.

Believe me, with a month planned in your company nobody wants this to work out more than I do.

So please America, let's make this fun.

See you tomorrow,

Ben Collins

P.S I have been warned by everybody that your border officials are rude, ignorant and make people feel intimidated. Can I please ask in advance of my arrival that you sort this out - its not going to get us off to a good start.