The Stats and The Facts

In the penultimate part of his Stage One Review, Ben reveals the stats and facts of his 7 months in North America, including of course just how much it cost him

How long have I been gone?

When I left England, it was my intention that I would stay in both Canada and the US for the maximum time possible without having to obtain a visa. As such, I expected it to last 9 months.

However, due to financial pressures, my trip in the US was limited to one month only, meaning at the end of Stage One, I have been away for:

213 days, 3hrs, 15minutes

What objectives have I made progress on?

As the driving force behind this journey, my 32 travel objectives will I hope come to shape how my trip develops. Whilst discussed in more detail in Entry 140: Making it Count, here is the summary of what I have achieved so far:
  • To climb a volcano (complete)
  • To set foot on a glacier (complete)
  • To visit a rainforest (complete)
  • To not shy away from eating unfamiliar foods (have eaten 45 new foods for the 1st time)
  • To record my entire journey (so far so good)
  • To learn new skills (a few here and there)

Where have I travelled?

Consisting of four legs, the first stage took me right the way across the second largest country in the World, before heading down the west coast of the United States:

Canada: Toronto, Niagra Falls, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Peterborough, Tweed, Ottawa, Winchester, Alexandria, Montreal, Quebec, Arnprior, North Bay, Bruce Mines, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Regina, Medicine Hat, Calgary, Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Victoria, Tofino, Mill Bay, Juan de Fuca, Vancouver

United States of America: Bellingham, Seattle, Forks, Mount St Helens, Bellingham, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica

How far have I travelled?

I knew upon starting this journey that I would very much like to know how far it is I have travelled. As such, I have taken meticulous note of every step, leaving me today to present to you exactly how far it is my journey has taken me. So...

Since leaving Birmingham, England at 00:00 on 26th March 2012, I have travelled 
17,564km / 10,977miles 

(or 4.56% of the distance between the Earth and the Moon)

How have I travelled?

Upon having completed this journey, I figured it would be fascinating to know just how I travelled around the World. And already, just one stage in, I think its pretty cool...

You know, this chart goes to represent perhaps the one thing I am most proud of...that despite have travelled  17,500km / 11,000miles across both an ocean and a continent, it is my my thumb that has taken me further than anything else. It's incredible. Go thumb!

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Where have I slept?

Work Exchange: 124 nights with 7 different hosts

CouchSurfed: 61 nights with 25 different hosts

Hostels: 16 nights in 8 Hostels

Camped: 8 nights

Slept in a car: 3 nights

B&B: 1 nights

What have I spent?

So. for 7 months you've been sat at home reading my journal and I'm guessing that at least once you will have wondered just how much this is all costing. Well, unsurprisingly, so have I... here it is:

Accommodation = £448.48 / $669.89
On average, that's £2.10/$3.37 per night which for where I have stayed I think is pretty remarkable

Flight = £214.00 / $342.96
Despite having travelled 17,514km I only took the initial flight across the Atlantic

Travel = £427.98 / $685.88
This covers everything but my flight which works out at a little more than £0.033/km ($0.059/km)

Other = £886.02 / $1,419.94
Including travel insurance, this includes everything else that didn't naturally fall in to one of the other categories

Cash = £2,246.98 / $3,601.01
This is money I withdrew out of a cash machine/ATM and spent on either amusements, food or drink. However, having given it some thought, I didn't really visit many amusements, so this money really just goes to represent what I consumed on the road, of which I suspect at least half would have been alcohol based.

Earned = £772.54 / $1,238.07
To my surprise, I managed almost everywhere I went to stumble in to small jobs. From refitting bathrooms to selling jam, it all went to offset what I was apparently just drinking.

Net Outcome of Stage 1 = £3,002.44 / $4,811.71
Taking account of what I earned, this was the net damage. Now taking in to account that I have just had the greatest seven months of my life, I think I got a pretty sweet deal... especially given I was in what is regarded the most expensive part of the World to travel (with perhaps one or two exceptions).

Price Per Day = £14.10 / $22.60
You know, they say you can't put a price on happiness but that ladies and gentlemen is clearly bullshit. Because from what I can see, it's £14.10 / $22.60.

Not bad, eh?

What do you think?

So I am intrigued to know what you think... how did it go? Anything you found surprising? Anything you think could have gone better? Also, looking ahead to Stage 2, is there anything you'd like to have also seen included in my stats and facts? Whatever it is, I'd like to hear it, so leave your comments in comment box below...

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