Stage 2: The Plan

In lands now truly foreign to his own, Ben sets out his Plan of Action for Mexico and Central America

The second stage of my journey, “Mexico and Central America” will I anticipate last some 18 months.

Approaching the end of my savings, work will at some point become a priority and my intention here is to find somewhere to settle and put to good use the qualification I earned in teaching English as a foreign language back in the UK...

However, I arrive in the hope that language learning won’t just be a one way thing as I too have high aspirations of learning a good level of Spanish while I am here. For when combined with Stage 3, there are some sixteen countries I hope to pass through which have Spanish as their native language and keen not to be restricted to trekking along the tourist routes, I know that my ability to have a more immersive experience will be very much connected to my ability to communicate naturally and freely with local people.

As such, whilst there are many things I would like to do during my second stage, learning Spanish and teaching English are without doubt my top priorities. And this, broadly speaking is as far as any plan goes. Probably not would you might expect from a compulsive planner but this of course is intentional.

No, I figured with so little knowledge about the place I have just moments ago arrived, it would be best to initially get a flavour of where I am and what I am potentially up against. So to help me achieve this, I last week put out an open request on CouchSurfing to see if anybody would be interested in hosting me for a few days and depending on their availability, showing me around a little too.
The response was incredible
The response was incredible. Within just a few short days I had received a dozen invites from people all across Mexico City, all eager to have me stay with them and show me their city. As such, I have accepted offers from four of these kind people and over the next few weeks will be staying with:
  • a 33 year old Mexican businesswoman in the heart of the city;
  • a 22 year old trainee nurse along with her family;
  • a 24 year old American working and studying here in Mexico City; and finally;
  • a 23 year old business administrator and his family out on the outskirts of Mexico City.
As such, I want to use the next few weeks to get a feel for Mexico City and I guess in practice consider whether or not I might be interested in basing myself here while I find work and begin topping up my savings.

Aside from this, my only other plans come in just a few short weeks when I will be joined by one of my closest friends from England – Oli. Yes, he will be flying out at the start of November and for nearly three weeks we will travel together, during which I hope to experience a little more of Mexico and see perhaps if there is anywhere else I might like to stick around and find work.

So, all in all, I guess it would be fair to say that everything right now is to play for. I know I want to stay here a while and I know I want to teach English, but as to where or with who - I have no clue. All I know for sure is that for the next six weeks the only thing I truly care for is having fun and getting to know this new found land.