Travel Stats (July)


  • I had always planned for July to feel more like a holiday than part of a backpacking trip and that is well-reflected in this months travel log
  • I spent more than double what I hope to be spending in a few months time
  • I spent more on alcohol than on anything else
  • I do not regret how much I spent or what I spent it on. I had a really good month!
  • Nearly 25% of my total outgoings in July were either stolen, missing or are unaccounted for. I think I had approximately £150 stolen whilst riding the metro in Mexico City (as described in this post here) which leaves around £300 unaccounted for. To explain this, I've come up with three possible options:
  1. Its money I spent but just failed to log
  2. Its money I dropped or left behind somewhere
  3. Its additional money which I had stolen but didn't realise
  • The take home message here is that I need to be more careful with my money
  • Besides the initial flight, this first month hasn't involved me covering any significant distances