Day #000

For the first time in his life, Ben sets foot on foreign ground

After navigating the shuttle bus and subway into town I found my way to where I'd be staying for the first two nights in Toronto, but with 2hrs before my CouchSurfing host returned home from work I went to the nearest restaurant just around the corner, The Blake House...

...Now whilst this sounds like an easy thing to do I found myself becoming distracted by every little "new" thing from the colour of the squirrels to the voices of individuals passing me by. Oh, and that's not to mention the way these Canadian's drive on the right (should I say wrong?) side of the road!

With my Blake House Burger and chips washed down with 4 cups of coffee I finally got round to meeting Joey at his apartment just after 6.

Joey is a regular host to people on CouchSurfing and making me feel right at home in an instant I can see just why.

Shortly after arriving, the CBC Art Director (Canada's version of the BBC) took me on a half hour walk to an artist studio where he is an avid participant. As well as listening in to this short and rather informal board meeting it was really cool to see some of his work; he is clearly very talented.

After the studio we went for a drink before meeting up with a couple of his friends who like Joey were really easy to get along with.

Back at Joey's there was just time for a night-cap of "Yukon Jack Liqueur" on ice before at 2am climbing in to my bed (Joey's sofa). And after 46hrs without a wink of sleep I was out like a light.

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