The SkyPod

Ben heads for the most iconic building in Toronto

On my first full morning in Toronto there was only one place in my mind that I wanted to head for and at 553m tall the CN Tower was pretty easy to find.

Weighing in at 35x times the weight of the Eiffel Tower this place truly defines the Toronto skyline and in the minute or so it took to reach what is the highest public observation gallery in the World my ears must have popped at least half a dozen times.

And my God was it impressive. On the 114th floor you were able to see right across the Toronto area and there was a lot to take in...

...Yet whilst the view across was amazing it was not the same as looking down through the glass floor. With just 2in of glass separating you from 114 floors of nothing it took a couple of minutes to build the up courage to take that first step!

But there was still more to see as I headed up yet another 33 floors to the "skypod", a name seemed that very fitting when I was told the shapes I was making out on the horizon were in fact New York city!

I don't think I need say much more as the photos really do say it all!

Upon visiting the CN Tower I took a long walk back to Joey's via the Toronto waterfront before falling asleep for a mere 15hrs to catch up on what I clearly missed over the course of the weekend!

View of Downtown Toronto from the CN Tower
View from the CN Tower

Sat on the Waterfront, Downtown Toronto