Ben Collins discovers his new lifestyle is having an adverse effect on his waistline

I woke up this morning salivating. Salivating that is over the oatmeal and cocunut cookies Lola had been baking throughout the weekend and left sitting in mason jars just downstairs. But the thought of venturing for a quick snack before breakfast was dashed the moment I took a glance at my waist and remembered that this morning was weigh-in day.

It was to be the first time I have weighed myself since leaving my flat and given everything I have consumed over this past three months I was expecting the worse. And thankfully so.

Twelve weeks ago I was 180lbs (12st12lbs) and whilst the photo below implies I am now 190 I was soon told the scales are out by 7lbs bringing me to a bloated 197lbs (14st,1lb).

The thing is I don't feel a stone bigger and I don't honestly think I look it but for the sake of the next 5 weeks I will assume the scales are correct and go with a starting figure of 197.

Now the question is how much can I lose in 5 weeks? My bet? I'm going to go with 10lbs.