Axe Lay's

Ben rants about the Canadian supermarket

On every isle that I walk down in a Canadian supermarket I manage to find at least one product that makes me shake my head in disbelief....

...Now thankfully for the both of us I am going to spare you the details, suffice to say that somehow the supermarkets here have managed to make everything - even the fruit and veg - look as processed and unnatural as they can. I mean, I thought our obsession with perfectly formed goods back home was ridiculous but here it is positively off the scale.

Anyway, I'm getting distracted... I actually started writing this so I can tell you how I find myself getting frustrated and annoyed (completely unnecessary, I know) at two brands in particular: Lay's and Axe which folks back home will realise are in fact Walkers and Lynx.

Until today I have had no idea for the reasoning behind this difference but according to Wikipedia its because of trademark issues back in the UK.

Worst thing about all of this is Lay's and Axe actually came prior to Walker's and Lynx. Now I don't particularly care which came first but seriously, come on, who in their right mind names a deodrant "Axe"... It's the sort of stupidity you'd expect to see on Week 1 of The Apprentice

 - Rant over -