The Powder Room

After being asked to refit a host's bathroom, Ben Collins admits he may have bitten off more than he can chew

During the afternoon that I returned back to Winchester, my host Laura and I went to get a few groceries and on the return journey the following conversation was played out in the car...
Ben: So if I am going to be around for a few weeks did you have any particular projects you wanted me to work on?

Laura: Well I did have one idea...

Ben: Oh yeah?

Laura: ...Well ever since moving in I have hated the downstairs bathroom. I can't stand baby blue, the sink is way too big and you've probably noticed the cracked tiles beneath the toilet

Ben: Hmmmm

Laura: So I was thinking... And only if you're comfortable, there's no pressure... But I was wondering whether you wanted to perhaps gift the bathroom a little makeover. Just take out the tiles, repaint and reinstall a new toilet and vanity unit.

Ben: Well I'll be honest Laura... I don't even know how to hang a picture frame, let alone refit a bathroom... But how hard can it be... right?

...Well forty-eight hours later and I have positively destroyed Laura's bathroom and am sat here looking at the rubble wondering what on earth I have done - note the deep look of concern in my eyes.