The Fall is Coming

On the eve of a 3,000 mile journey South for the Winter, Ben Collins reveals a surprise change he has noted in himself since leaving the UK in March 2012

Both at home and abroad it seems, England has a reputation for being a grey and miserable land. But having not left this land before six months ago I was I guess somewhat oblivious to the problem, though writing this here today the problem is both stark and clear...

...Our weather is the worst. Grey, miserable, cold and damp, the seasons exist but lack the contrast to be exciting and instead we Brits find ourselves moping around, trapped in this meandering hell of chronic misery and depression. I wish I could say I was exaggerating but I'm not. It just sucks...

We find ourselves moping around, trapped in this meandering hell of chronic misery and depression
In contrast then to my first summer abroad, things up in Canada were quite a bit different. With wall to wall sunshine and warm, if not hot temperatures on a daily basis for four consecutive months, I think it is fair to say that this has been my first ever real summer.

But before we get carried away we must remember that my fairer than fair skin is not famed for its love of the Sun and whilst I admit that it was at first difficult, I have to my own amazement come to actually enjoy being in the Sun.

However, since crossing the border in to the States, autumn has begun showing its face - the leaves have begun taking on every colour other than green, the hours of sunlight are quickly diminishing and same too goes for the temperature. I honestly never in a million years thought I’d say this but I want my summer back.

But I know what you're thinking... all good things must come to an end, right?

Well not in my books they don’t. Oh no.

Yes, the fall may be coming to a town near you but for me I'm evading this encroaching travesty by taking the road south. That's right, over the coming two weeks I will be making my way nearly 5,000km/3,000miles south down through to California and into Mexico where quite simply both autumn and winter do not exist. 
Coming from the man who use to hide from the Sun like a werewolf hides from a full moon, I almost can't believe these words myself... but I really cannot wait!