Double Backing

After an exhausting hike, a well timed email leads to Ben breaking one of his most fundamental of rules for his journey

Upon returning to the car I was in a word - shattered - and having hiked for nearly nine hours I was ready to take on the mother of all sleeps. But before doing so I went to check my emails where I discovered a rather pleasant surprise from a recent host...

Hi Ben! 
We’re still bemoaning your absence, it’s ridiculous, you should throw your travel plans to the wind and come back north. I hope the road has been treating you well since we last saw you. How is your foot??! Have you been resting it? 
Be safe, but not too safe. Everyone sends a hug. 
Cheers mate, (horribly imitated British accent) 
Sat in my car I could not help but smile.

But what a quandary. Could I really go back on myself?

You see as tempting as this offer was it went against pretty much the one and only thing that I promised myself I would not do – that is to either “settle” in one place or go back on myself.

This being said, as I drove back towards the highway I figured there were just about enough reasons to justify me breaking this rule this one time and 24hrs later I would come to find myself back at home in Bellingham.

So initially, and I won’t lie, I did feel like I may have made a mistake. You see, having spent the best part of $50 on a return bus fare back up to Bellingham I feared in the back of my mind that my return trip would not live up to that of my first and worst of all I would come to leave Bellingham sporting a rather sour taste.

But c'mon… what was I worried about? I left a week later with a sweeter taste than ever and getting to know David, Gerald and Erica that much more, I just compounded the respect I have for these most wonderful human beings.

Leaving Bellingham, WA for the second (and final) time