From tiny acorns...

After two months away from his journal, Ben Collins announces his return with renewed purpose, drive and ambition

Sat in my bedroom back in Birmingham, it took me the best part of eight hours. That first post to my journal, "So I guess this is the beginning" was it seemed rather aptly named, for never in my wildest dreams would I have foreseen what lies here today.

With over 130 entries and many tens of thousands of words, I have it seems charted my entire journey from my bedroom in Birmingham to a hostel in Cancun
Most surprising has been your reaction, for having gained 250 regular readers, it has far exceeded the close family and friends I had originally set this up for.

Best of all though, I have enjoyed it. Whilst at times it can for sure be very frustrating, I have in fact loved every minute of it and looking back through the entries never fails to raise a smile as I remember details I would have otherwise likely forgotten.

"Why then change it?" I hear you ask. Well ever looking for ways to improve I have routinely this past year been researching some of the other travel blogs out there in the hope of finding inspiration. And whilst I have indeed been inspired it has not been for reasons you might expect.

I had taken on the task assuming that with such a high number of blogs out there, the competition would have driven up the quality but despite looking through many hundreds of blogs, I have found no more than three that I like. More's the surprise then, many of these sites actually earn an income. A few even - get this - actually provide enough of an income to entirely fund the author's travels.

And it is this that has forever bugged me. For if these sites are able to earn decent money, then think of the potential I could reach if I truly put my mind to it.

The question then has always been not "can I do it?" but "do I want to?"

Well... the answer by now I hope is clear.

Motivated then by the untapped potential I know this journal holds, I started as I do all things with a new aim, and never the one to do things by halves, I am setting out to not only make The Ginger Revolution earn me an income but for it to in fact pay my way around World.
Aspirational? Ambitious? Foolish perhaps? Only time will tell, but whatever the outcome I will do my utmost to make it happen
But how will I do it? Well that is what the last two months has been all about, for whilst I may have appeared absent, the opposite is quite true. For behind the scenes I have been working every day to develop a concrete strategy that will I know turn this lofty ambition in to firm reality.

Finally though, I am done and now with renewed purpose, drive and ambition, I am back.