A New Chapter

Ben announces the return of his online and unedited travel journal - The Ginger Revolution

After now many false starts, I promise that I really mean it this time - I'm back... and I'm back for good.

But why the wait? Well it will become clearer in time but in a nutshell I had set myself up with a schedule that wasn't, amongst other things, particularly blog-friendly and so I found I was lacking the available time I thought I needed to give justice to the stories I wanted to tell.

However, upon realising this, I have moved over the past a couple of months to free myself up so I can finally get back to what I really love doing - writing about this most incredible of journeys.

So from today then, I will be publishing new entries in to my journal every Monday, Wednesday and Friday without fail and while I know you will have your doubts (because in part, so do I), I have a really good feeling that I'm finally going to get this together.

And if I can't... well... I'm going to quit this thing for good.