The wall of heat and humidity which greets you when you leave the airport is overwhelming. Despite being the 4th time I've flown into Mexico, it doesn't seem to get any easier or any less surprising and each time - including this time - I ask myself... why of all the places in the World do I opt for somewhere where my body is so incapable at functioning.

Our first few nights have been spent somewhere I've been a few times before - in Tulum on the Yucatan peninsula which is just under a couple of hours south of Cancun. Its paradise beach and hippie-loving village vibe make it I think an ideal place to unwind and acclimatise to the unrelenting Mexican Sun.

I didn't want much from our stay here, I really didn't. Rather it was more what I didn't want...

Don't get burnt. Don't get food poisoning. Don't fall out with Nick.

Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Before Nanny sees this and picks up her phone to begin messaging me... I did try. I promise, I really did. I applied factor 50. I walked in the shade. I sat in the shade. And both days we've made it to the beach, I was never in the water for more than 10 minutes at a time. Apart from staying indoors with the windows shut and curtains pulled, what more can I actually do!? *That's rhetorical*

Whilst it looks sore - and it is - its not nearly half as bad as the sunburn I've had in the past. In fact, only getting this burnt kind of feels like a bit of a success. I mean, there's no blisters. And its only my legs. And a bit on my arms. And the top of my back. And my forehead.

Apart from getting burnt, what have we done? Well we've had two days lying on the beach and a day between visiting the cool waters of the cenotes. By night, we've made our way round most of the places which sell alcohol, although to my surprise we've yet to be out past 9pm. Whether its the heat or the fact we've been drinking from lunchtime each day, I'm not sure... but I feel almost a little embarrassed.

I need not worry for long though. Today is Nick's birthday and like it or not, tonight we'll be out out.

I think it was Natasha Johnston who predicted for my trip that I'll have at least 3 nights I have no memory of. Given we'll be in Playa until Saturday, there's every chance that may come true within the first week.

Coming up: Birthday wishes and tales of tequila

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