The Letter 'C'

On my last day at work I asked colleagues and friends to each make a prediction about my upcoming adventure. The responses I received were... well... mixed. 

This post contains some of my favourites. 
Some of the predictions will without doubt come true:
Sue McManus: You will deffo get a 'twat' tan 
Keeley Cooper: You will get the shits really bad
Maria Snell: You will regret not listening to me about applying sunscreen 
Natasha Johnston: You will have at least three nights you have no memory of
Some of the predictions I very much hope do come true:
Jo Hope: You will meet the man on your dreams in Brazil. He will be European. His name will begin with the letter 'C' 
Fiona Baker: You will encounter something infectious! Hopefully laughter! 
Sam Stapleton: You will find your husband! (hopefully he doesn't lick your nipples as good as me though) 
Jessica Smith: You will be ready to settle down when you (eventually) come home 
Whereas some I hope do not:
Anne Florey: You will become the love bitch of a Colombian drug lord 
Hannah Keightley: You will get spit roasted whilst wearing a sombrero 
Jo Hope: You will get gang raped in Venezuela by a drug cartel
And then there were those which were just... well a little bit random:
Naomi Oxborough: You will grope a massive pair of knockers

Emily Rossiter: You will 100% let a random Mexican lick your nipples
Natasha Johnston: You will have sex with more than one person at the same time 
Natasha Johnston: You will get a crazy tattoo
I guess only time will tell.

Do you have your own prediction for me? Comment below and let me know :p