40 Days and 40 Nights

As the final countdown begins, Ben reflects on what is now just around the corner

As the final countdown goes through yet another milestone I am all too aware that this now is the calm before the storm. For whilst I may have been planning this trip for more than a year and am pretty much ready to go, I still, even now haven't seen any real tangible change. But that in itself is about to change...

...For this weekend I will begin the probably quite ruthless task of deciding what few items I'll be putting into storage whilst I'm away. In fact one of the most common questions I am asked at the moment is "what are you going to do with all your stuff?" and put simply, if it isn't doesn't end up in this 82 litre blue box by the end of the weekend it'll probably end up in landfill if not charity.

And ahead of that, in just two weeks I'll be leaving my apartment for the very last time before moving in temporarily with a friend whilst I work out my last few days over in Dudley which in itself I will be leaving in what is now just 16 working days! Eek!
I tell you, I had really better enjoy this whole travelling thing and be gone a fair old while, else I'm going to look a right old tit when I arrive back to no job, no flat and no stuff  
But it is a really strange time and one that I struggle to put in to words. For whilst part of me can't wait for the next couple of weeks to rush on through, there is the another part of me that is all to aware of what I am about to give up including my job, my flat and well lets face it, pretty much everything else with it... which means therefore that these are my last couple of weeks for god knows how long where I will have a permanent place of residence, a reliable income and most importantly (for me at least) a dependable routine.

God, I hope I'm doing the right thing!?